Shuswap Lake

This region is irresistable for its variety of things to see and do, on and off the water. Everywhere you cruise, you will find clean, clear water, rugged scenery and access to thirty marine parks. Access to the Shuswap Lake Marine Parks is included with your charter fee. With over one thousand kilometers of shoreline to explore, Shuswap Lake offers a haven of fun and adventure for families of all ages. If you cruise with us in July and August, chances are you will enjoy temperatures of plus 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit).

Houseboats are not allowed to overnight at Scotch Creek Provincial Park or Herald Provincial Park. Beaching your houseboat at marine parks is on a first-come, first-beach basis! Houseboats should not be running at night, and should be beached for the night by dusk. Houseboats cannot be “anchored” in Shuswap Lake.

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Houseboat Cruising Speeds

Times are based on running our houseboats at their optimum fuel efficiency of 2500 RPMs.

  • Salmon Arm to Sicamous: 3 Hours
  • Sicamous to Cinnamousun Narrows: 3 Hours
  • Cinnamousun Narrows to the end of Anstey Arms: 3 Hours
  • Cinnamousun Narrows to the end of Seymour Arm: 5 Hours
  • Scotch Creek to Cinnamousun Narrows: 5 Hours
  • South Mara Lake to Sicamous: 2 Hours

Other Shuswap Activities 

Need accommodation before or after your houseboat trip? In Sicamous try the Anchor Riverfront Motel. In Salmon Arm try the Podollan Inn or Prestige Inn. For more information visit Shuswap Tourism.