Maintenance Personnel – Twin Anchors Houseboats

Job Function:

  • Perform maintenance checks and necessary repairs or installations on all houseboats with reference to the Quality System.Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Utilize check lists to ensure all houseboats are maintained at the expected level
  • Perform electrical, plumbing or construction requirements on the houseboats as detected
  • Work as a team member with all Twin Anchors crew in responding to concerns relative to maintenance issues
  • Ensure work areas are clean and that major safety issues with houseboats are reported to the management team

Required Skills and Knowledge:

  • Certification or proven abilities in electrical, plumbing or construction
  • Knowledge of the construction of houseboats
  • Knowledge of equipment and relevant operational systems in place on Twin Anchors houseboats
  • Ability to operate a variety of tools and equipment relative to construction
  • Good communication skills and customer service abilities

Preferred Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience with houseboat manufacturing
  • Knowledge of the houseboat industry